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News: July 17, 2024

  • These Three Shores cover Kate & Chuck's CDs, After Sunset and These Three Shores, rework traditional music into a new form. More >
  • Have great summer! We're not playing any more public gigs this summer. Katie's getting married!
  • Get your copy of Kate & Chuck's two CDs.

Kate & Chuck

Kate Wegner

Katie Wegner is a native-born Maine fiddler whose musical passion has developed into her own style influenced by her life experiences and the Celtic and Old-Time fiddle masters. Kate is a prolific tune smith forging new sounds from the raw traditional materials.

Kate and Chuck Donnelly (guitar) fuse Irish, Scottish, and Cape Breton Celtic musical forms with Old-Time influences into a musical fabric that is being called Celtic Old-Time Fusion. In concert they rock!

Kate and Chuck have released two albums, These Three Shores and After Sunset, on Standing Stones Records.